A small charity doing BIG things, Pegasus is unique in the Dover District, quite possibly in the UK as a whole. Fancy Dress on the last Day of 2016 was very special as we celebrated 30 yrs of Supporting our local children and their families. At Pegasus, our primary vision is to ensure children feel valued and worthy. We encourage full participation in a wealth of activities which allow the children to achieve and develop a sense of fulfilment. Whilst we also provide the necessary respite for parents and carers and also grandparents, we work closely with teenage volunteers to build lifelong friendships and community cohesion. Through Fun and Friendship and Opportunities we “Give Children Wings to Fly”

We help our children develop independence, whilst keeping them active and healthy. We are Proud to Be Different


  1. Lower levels of anti-social behaviour and learning to be tolerant of others
  2. Improvements in social and communication skills
  3. Building confidence and self-esteem
  4. Increased happiness and being more positive
  5. Improvements in behaviour
  6. Employing local people as staff and volunteers
  7. User Involvement
  8. Respect others less fortunate

Enabling children to explore local amenities that are free to access, such as parks, libraries, and beaches opens up the chance for them to continue to access these facilities once the playscheme has finished. They also go some way towards breaking down barriers between the community and the children. Allowing time and space for free play is recognised as beneficial for all children. Free play helps children learn how to work collaboratively, share, negotiate, resolve conflicts, explore choice and use their imaginations.

Ofsted Registered EY445818

Who We Are