Tracey’s London Marathon 2022


London Marathon

My training for the London Marathon is underway, my very first marathon 😍I have chosen Pegasus Playscheme and Dover smART project Young carers as my charities to support. I want to fundraise for and raise awareness of their work. Why these two charities? It’s simple….. they didn’t forget about us, ( or the people they support) during lockdown. When I write ‘us’ I mean my family and in particular my son Ryan (28) who has a diagnosis of severe autism and severe learning disability.

Lockdown was a time that was difficult for all of us, I/we felt very much alone in the crazy world it had become and to Ryan things had to carry on, he didn’t understand what was going on. It was hard, with very little support. Pegasus and Dover smART Project, THEY remembered us, we were in their thoughts at this time and I cannot tell you how much that meant.

Pegasus ensured Ryan received a care package 😍 Dover smART project delivered a care package for me and nominated us for a grocery delivery , unbeknown to me and was oblivious when the chap delivered it. These kind acts made me cry but helped me realise others did care and I cannot put into words the true depth of love and appreciation I have for those ‘guys’. Both of these charities support our local community, ❣️ Pegasus “operate a 3-week summer playscheme, offering activities for children with disabilities and severe learning difficulties. Each child is supported by a local able-bodied teenager “❣️ 💕Dover smART project Young carers “ Founded in 2013 to provide opportunities for disadvantaged children, mainly Young Carers, living in Dover to take part in a wide range of creative activities and experiences to boost their confidence, enhance their wellbeing, raise their aspirations and widen their outlook on the world. With a small pot of funding the charity started running groups for Young Carers aged 5 to 18, so they could support children like Amy, who came to Smart when she was just 11 years old. She was caring for her brother with learning difficulties and her mum who has a heart condition.

Amy was an exhausted, withdrawn young girl, who was struggling at school. With the help of Smart giving her the opportunity to relax and just be a child for a few hours a week, she now attends university where she is chasing her dream of being a Vet.”💕Both of these charities make a difference to the lives of those most vulnerable within our community and I’d love to raise much needed funds so they can continue to make that difference ❤️ Thankyou Team Pegasus and Team smART for your love and kindness xxx

Goal: £3000

Raised to date: £561.00

Total donations: 14

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Ryan Hulks Clifftop Challenge
KM Mercury 2016
Charity Mark 2016

About us

Pegasus Playscheme provides Good Quality support and services for children with a variety of severe and complex disabilities. We operate a 3 week Summer Playscheme, offering activities for children with disabilities and severe learning difficulties. Each child is supported by a local able-bodied teenager.

Registered Charity no. 299301