We provide a summer playscheme for children with disabilities offering stimulating activities with the assistance of able-bodied teenage volunteers on a one to one ratio. We enable disabled children& young adults to fully participate in pleasurable and fun activities alongside their peers.

Our aim is to increase the quality of life and opportunity through integration and play, whilst ensuring safety, equality and happiness. We operate to best practice for the best possible outcomes for children, young people and families.

Our scheme offers parents/carers much-needed help during the summer holiday, therefore alleviating some of the stresses involved in looking after a disabled child.

If you wish your child to attend Pegasus keep an eye on the website for an application pack.
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Parent/children and volunteers comments.

“This year was just brilliant, as always”
“Thank you for giving another fun 2 weeks!”
“Has really enjoyed it this year, he came home happy (and worn out!) every day. The variety of activities has been great fun.”
“Has enjoyed Pegasus. She looks forward to it every year”.
“I was worried about leaving with people I didn’t know, but they turned out to be great people. has had a great time and I thank you for that.”
“Very good value for money, we could not have taken them out for the same money!”
“Thanks for making our foster kids enjoy the summer holiday more than normal.”
“Can you run for the whole six weeks!””I think this year the balance has been perfect and very well planned”

“We are Proud to be Different”

Summer Playscheme