For over 30 years Pegasus has supported children with severe and complex needs and along with their families

We are Proud to Be Different

Our Children have a varying degree of disabilities such as Autism, Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Language and speech difficulties. Also gross motor difficulties. We cater for children aged 8yrs to 21yrs. Our children come from various deprived areas around the Dover/Deal area. The scheme enables them to take part in activities and fun days out which would not exist if Pegasus does not run. There is nothing like Pegasus in this area. The scheme stops the feeling of isolation our children get during the long summer break. Pegasus allows parents to spend time with other siblings and this is invaluable. Our children cannot be left unsupervised, so obviously this gives them the disadvantages of not being able to play out, or go to the park, or play on their bikes etc.

Disabled children face barriers in all aspects of their lives, TOGETHER, we can help break these down. In 2017 we have plans to expand our age range to incorporate young adults that have come through Pegasus aged 21yrs and above. This will be Pegasus Plus. 

Our Children

All Children Deserve the right to Play