Causes That Matter

September 2019 Kent Community Foundation invited charities to a special event at Eastwell Manor with the High Sheriff of Kent to celebrate the work they are doing in Kent and Medway.

Pegasus was fortunate to be recognised at this event. Sue Clark MBE and her son Jamie were invited for tea and cake and an afternoon of networking.

Meeting like-minded volunteers and sharing Pegasus good name to the High Sheriff of Kent Paul Barrett MBE and Josephine McCartney Chief Executive Kent Community Foundation is always a pleasure.

It was a glorious day and as Pegasus have been also fortunate to receive 3 yrs core funding from KCF a lovely way to say thank you in person.

Causes That Matter
Causes That Matter
KM Mercury 2016
Charity Mark 2016

About us

Pegasus Playscheme provides Good Quality support and services for children with a variety of severe and complex disabilities. We operate a 3 week Summer Playscheme, offering activities for children with disabilities and severe learning difficulties. Each child is supported by a local able-bodied teenager.

Registered Charity no. 299301